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Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

We are tagged as major manufacturer and exporter of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves of efficient series. Precisely built valve systems have a preference being more safe option of other actuators. In many industrial operations, electric actuators are believed to be unsafe. For those operations, pneumatic system can be efficiently used for punctual operations. It is also available with different disc and body material alternative. Pneumatics Actuator Butterfly Valve, Pneumatics Actuator Butterfly Valve Exporter, Pneumatics Actuator Butterfly Valves Manufacturers, Butterfly Valve Manufactures.

It works with effective output and adds value to the system function. We offer pneumatic butterfly valve with many choices. We have designed wafer type and flanged butterfly valve. For corrosion application it is provided with special seal material. It is provided with single acting and double acting actuator. It is preferably used for its trouble free and long lasting performance.

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